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Are you writing a proposal that involves supercomputing or data-enabled research? Here are some helpful resources:

Ready-to-go Text for Your Proposal

You can use these text blocks as is, or select only the details relevant to your proposal.

If not all the text in a block is relevant to your proposal, select only the details you need. If you need more information, please contact us:

Other Penn State Resources for Grant-Writing

ICS Proposal Support Services

If you’re an ICS co-hire, use the form below to request special support services.We offer two types of service: 1) Proposal Development and 2) Editing.


This service is for clients who have not yet drafted the technical volume of the proposal. You provide the ideas and subject-area expertise; then ICS communications experts work closely with you to translate these ideas into effective language. Services may include:

  • Pre-writing: strategizing how to frame the argument
  • Outlining: breaking down the technical volume into sections, subsections, and paragraphs
  • Project Management: identifying who will write each section and due dates
  • Drafting: writing sections (where ICS staff have required knowledge)
  • Editing: review of a complete draft for clarity and correctness

Request development services at least six weeks before the due date.


If you already have a draft of the technical volume, our team can review the draft for organization and grammar/punctuation and to enhance clarity and ease of reading.

Request editing services at least two weeks before the due date.

NOTE: ICS services DO NOT replace the role of your college’s grants and contracts office. If your grants and contracts office offers similar services, you should use them first. PLEASE NOTE: If the RFP is for > $1 million and involves more than 2 colleges, please approach the Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Office first.

Currently, only ICS Co-hires may request Proposal Support Services. As we grow our team, we may expand our services. All form fields are required.