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ICS Distinguished Visiting Researchers Program

The Institute for CyberScience invites our co-hires to nominate researchers who are at the forefront of their fields to come to Penn State as ICS Distinguished Visiting Researchers.

How it Works

If your nominee is selected, ICS will support your bringing that researcher to Penn State for up to four days. You can plan for your distinguished visitor to give a talk, visit your lab, meet with other faculty and students, offer a workshop, and more. ICS will provide up to $3000 to cover travel-related costs (including airfare, hotel, and meals).

Nominations are currently closed. The spring 2018 Distinguished Visiting Researchers have been selected. Nominations for fall 2018 visitors will be open later in the spring semester.


 What is the amount of the award?

Up to $3,000 for each visiting researcher, to cover travel, lodging, and per diem.

Who arranges for the visitor’s travel?

Travel may be booked by your department, or by the visitor. ICS will reimburse for travel costs up to $3,000. Contact Lesley Shaffer, ICS business manager, for details at ljm32@psu.edu. (Please note that ICS will not make travel arrangements.)

How long should the visit to Penn State be?

You may plan for your visitor to be here for 2 to 4 days.

 What will my visitor do while he or she is here?

 ICS expects that the visitor will give a talk as part of your regular departmental seminar. Please contact the person in your department who coordinates your seminars to set this up.

You have a great deal of flexibility as to the rest of the visit.

  • You’ll want to take advantage of the opportunity for one-on-one conversations with your visitor
  • Your visitor might teach a class, offer a workshop, or give a talk or seminar that is open to the entire Penn State/State College community, not just your department
  • You may want to offer other Penn faculty and students the chance to meet individually with the visitor. If so, please contact Cynthia Berger (cberger@psu.edu). We can set up an online calendar/sign-up system for you

Will my visitor receive an honorarium?

An honorarium is not a routine component of the award. If your visitor requests an honorarium, please contact us and we will review the request. The amount of an honorarium offered to a visitor is limited by Penn State policy. Please note that if an honorarium is granted, your visitor must complete a University Scholar Agreement, available at https://guru.psu.edu/forms/university-scholar-agreement-form.pdf

Will ICS publicize the visit?

Yes! ICS will

  • issue a news release
  • post information on the ICS website
  • collaborate with your department to publicize the seminar(s) offered by your visitor
  • Work with Penn State Strategic Communications to identify other possible opportunities for publicity

To this end, please connect Cynthia Berger (cberger@psu.edu) with the person in your department who organizes your seminars.

Other questions? Contact:

Cynthia Berger

Penn State Institute for CyberScience

Help us build the future. Contact ICS at Penn State.

  • email: ics@psu.edu
  • phone: ICS-ACI Support (i-ASK Center): 814-865-4275 | General Inquiries: 814-867-1467

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