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Penn State Biosensing Forum

Date: Tuesday, December 10

Time: 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.

Location: Flex Theater, HUB-Robeson Center

In the rapidly evolving field of Biotechnology, Biosensing in particular has a significant role and impact on modern life, affecting such important fields as human health, agriculture, food safety and environmental protection.

On December 10, the Applied Biological and Biosecurity Research Laboratory (ABRL) will be hosting the PSU Biosensing Forum. The Forum is intended to support ongoing international collaborations in the area of biosensing, including the Joint Innovation Center (JIC) for Biosensing in partnership with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India. JIC participants from IISc will be attending this forum. The long-term vision for this effort is to understand the breadth of translational scientific innovations and advances, novel methods and techniques in the field of biosensing. Penn State faculty are planning to develop an NSF ERC proposal in this domain and this discussion will assist in identifying our strengths and participants.

To lay the foundation for this effort, the objective of the Biosensing Forum is to explore the scope of academic interest and relevant professional and scientific expertise at PSU in three application areas: One Health, Agriculture, and Environment. The forum is seeking to identify and engage both end users and research-contributors among the Penn State faculty and staff at the Colleges of Medicine, Agricultural Sciences, Earth and Mineral Sciences, Science, Nursing and/or Engineering. (sites.psu.edu/biosensing/biosensing-forum/)

The Forum will give an opportunity for such potential end-users to express their interest and present their view on the most important challenges in their respective fields to be solved. During three panel sessions aimed on particular applications, six seed thrusts will be presented: (1) Laboratory to Point-of-Need, (2) Internet of Biosensors, (3) Phenotype vs. Genotype Screening, (4) Adaptable Detection Methods, (5) Individual Care and Monitoring, and (6) Responsive AMR Materials. At the Forum, researchers from all disciplines, motivated to contribute to solution of these six big ideas, will have an opportunity to identify themselves and team up within the 6 thrusts and/or 3 applications areas. This way the Forum should create a diverse group of stakeholders of the biosensing initiative and set the stage for convergence to a strategic multidisciplinary program, capable to address high- complexity, large-scale global problems with a substantial societal impact.

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