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Get Help With Your Computational Research

Need some advice on programming or computing technology? Get assistance from someone with deep familiarity with your research field! ICS Domain Experts are researchers who combine knowledge of a particular domain with software engineering and HPC experience.

ICS Domain Experts can help you with various things such as: code debugging and optimization, parallelization, building a science gateway, visualizing your data effectively, consulting on methodology, or serving as a Co-I on a proposal.

Meet Our Domain Experts

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Patrick Dudas – Data Visualization


Patrick holds a Ph.D. in Information Sciences. He specializes in data visualizations (visual analytics), social network analysis, and cognitive psychology. He has published in many fields, including genomics, civil engineering, indoor navigation, and social media, and has assisted in meteorology, business, and political science projects.

Patrick Dudas

Adam Lavely – Engineering


Adam received his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering. He studies the effect of the atmospheric boundary layer on wind turbine aerodynamics using varying fidelity models. He has used local, NSF, and DoE compute facilities and is continuing his research in tandem with his work for ICS.

Adam Lavely

Diego Menéndez – Parallelization


Diego holds a master’s degree in Software Engineering and specializes in refactoring research codes using parallelism as the driver for performance. He has delivered maintainable software for projects in different disciplines including the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. In his role of Campus Champion for Penn State, he facilitates access to XSEDE resources across the nation.

Diego Menéndez

Danying Shao – Computational Biology


Danying holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics from the University of California, San Diego, and a B.S. in Physics from Peking University. She specializes in computational biology, data science, and web applications. She has worked on a wide range of projects, including cell signaling, cell motility, next-generation sequencing pipelines, labor management, and institutional research.

Danying Shao

Greg Von Kuster – Science Gateways for Big Data Research


Greg has been working in computational research for 30 years. He is a founding developer of the Galaxy science gateway project and the Galaxy Tool Shed, the world’s first biomedical app store. An expert in building science gateway environments, Greg has worked on projects in a range of fields, including entomology, plant genomics, epigenetics, ChIP-exo analysis, and coral research.

Greg Von Kuster