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User Policies/Data

Detailed information about the formal policies of the Institute for CyberScience at Penn State University.

By requesting an ICS-ACI user account, users acknowledge that they have read and understood all ICS-ACI and applicable Pennsylvania State University policies and agree to abide by said policies.

Authentication and Access Control

This policy serves to manage the lifecycle of ICS accounts created under the current state and configuration of the ICS-ACI. It specifies criteria for creating a user account, using an account, and transferring an existing user account (created under the former RCC), as well as the termination of a user account. Download and read the complete ICS-ACI-P030 Authentication and Access Control policy.

Data Protection and Retention

This policy outlines the protection of data that is created, collected or manipulated by personnel that fall within the scope of ICS-ACI and applies to any person who uses ICS-ACI resources or handles data managed by ICS-ACI. It specifies data retention policies and resources, as well as the responsibilities of the principal investigator, the University, and ICS-ACI. Download and read the complete ICS-ACI-P020 Data Protection and Retention policy.

Software Acceptable Use

This policy explains how software is introduced, installed, and maintained on the ICS computer system. The policy details how users can install their own software in their user or group spaces, as well as how ICS will regularly update the ACI software stack. Information on how to request new software for the ACI software stack is included. The policy also discusses who is responsible for licensing and usage agreements in various circumstances, and the rights that ICS reserves to make changes to installed software in order to keep ACI systems safe, up-to-date, and in compliance with University and government regulations. Download and read the complete ICS-ACI-P040 Software Acceptable Use policy.

SLA Terms and Conditions

This terms and conditions document outlines the basic provisions that guide the working relationships between researchers and ICS-ACI. Download and read the complete Service Level Agreement Terms and Conditions document.

Technical Communications Team

In response to customer feedback, The ICS-ACI recently established the technical communications team to further support the needs of users. This policy explains the role of the technical communications team. For more information, download and read the complete Technical Communications Description document.

Penn State Institute for CyberScience

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