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Lion-XV Transition Information

To transition Lion-XV users to the new ICS-ACI system, ICS has created a migration plan. Read on for details about the plan, information about the transition process, and key dates. 

Migration Plan

  • ICS will make available a liaison who will provide technical/consultative support to PI groups transitioning from Lion-XV. 
  • PIs who have queues on Lion-XV or have Group storage allocations will receive allocations for compute and storage:  
    • If the PI has a Lion-XV compute allocation, this will be equal to the PI’s documented Lion-XV core total, rounded up to the nearest 20-core block. This will last through February 28, 2019. The transition of the compute allocation is split into two (2) phases. 
      • 1. PI will receive a new allocation on ICS-ACI for their prescribed rounded-up core allocation. 
      • 2. ICS is moving the existing Lion-XV compute resources into the current ICS-ACI server configuration in late Fall 2017 / early Spring 2018. Once these compute resources are up and running on the current ICS-ACI server configuration, the PI will be restored on to the Lion-XV compute nodes with the prescribed rounded-up compute allocation. The compute resources will be defined as “Legacy Cores”. 
    • If the PI has a Group storage allocation, this will be equal to the PI’s documented storage total, rounded up to the nearest 5 TB block. It will last until October 31, 2018.  
  • Lion-XV users who also use other legacy resources will have all of their resources transitioned at once. Your liaison will have more details on how the transition of your other resources will proceed. 

Transition Process Steps

1. Submit Intake Form

PIs will fill out an intake form and submit it to ICS by September 29. The purpose of the intake form is to gather information about your usage of Lion-XV, such as when you are available to transition, the members/collaborators of your PI group, whether you possess controlled data like dbGAP, and what software packages your group requires. Your liaison will use this information to help you transition smoothly. Please fill out the entire form before submitting. 

2. Request and Activate Accounts

All users transitioning to ICS-ACI will need a new account to use the system. Learn more about requesting accounts here. When you submit your request, ICS staff will create and activate a new account for you. Users need to have active accounts prior to onboarding, so please request an account now

3. Sign SLA (if applicable)

PIs with Group1/2 storage will sign a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) for a Try-ACI active storage allocation that will last until October 31, 2018. The size of the new allocation will be equal to the PI’s Group1/2 storage, rounded up to the closest 5 TB block (ICS-ACI storage is allocated in 5 TB blocks). PIs requiring additional compute and storage resources will work with ICS on a GReaT core allocation. 

4. Transfer Storage (if applicable)

ICS will transfer the PI’s Group storage directory to ICS-ACI using the rsync tool. Users are responsible for transferring any Home, Work, and Scratch files that you wish to keep. ICS will not transfer files in your Home, Work, and Scratch directories. If you require assistance in transferring files from your Home, Work, or Scratch directory, please submit a ticket to the ICS i-ASK Center.  

To speed the movement of your data, please consider 

  • including only files that you need to be transferred on your Group Directory when ICS transfers your data; 
  • organizing your files into separate directories; and 
  • compressing many files into a single .tar or.zip archive 

5. Onboard to ICS-ACI 

ICS will work with the PI groups to get them up and running on ICS-ACI. This includes 

  • several general onboarding sessions to orient new ICS-ACI users to the system; 
  • assistance with software compilation not included on the central software stack; 
  • “smoke-testing” codes for operation on ICS-ACI. 

NOTE: Onboarding sessions will cover essential tasks such as logging in to ICS-ACI, accessing your storage, and submitting jobs to the Open Queue or an allocation. Users are strongly encouraged to attend these onboarding sessions. Register to attend an ICS-ACI Open Queue Boot Camp session today! 

6. Legacy System Access Shutoff

Access to the legacy Lion-XV compute resources will no longer be available beginning in late Fall 2017. When the Lion-XV compute resources are integrated into the current ICS-ACI server configuration in early Spring 2018, these resources will be accessible in different means via the new ICS-ACI infrastructure

Key Dates

Sept. 13: Onboarding session/Open Queue Boot Camp 

Sept. 19: Onboarding session/Open Queue Boot Camp 

Sept. 22: Onboarding session/Open Queue Boot Camp 

Sept. 29: Intake forms are to be completed and submitted to ICS by this date. 

Oct. 4: Onboarding session/Open Queue Boot Camp

Oct. 9: Onboarding session/Open Queue Boot Camp

Oct. 17: Onboarding session/Open Queue Boot Camp

Oct. 26: Onboarding session/Open Queue Boot Camp

Nov. 1: Onboarding session/Open Queue Boot Camp

Nov. 6: Onboarding session/Open Queue Boot Camp

Nov. 14: Onboarding session/Open Queue Boot Camp

Late Fall 2017: Lion-XV legacy compute resources powered down for integration into the current ICS-ACI server configuration (tentative). Access to the existing Lion-XV cluster will end at this time. 

Early Spring 2018: Lion-XV legacy compute resources integrated into the current ICS-ACI server configuration and available to use by Lion-XV PIs that received a compute allocation for the Lion-XV legacy transition. 


If you have any questions regarding the transition, please contact Derek Leydig at dml129@psu.edu.

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