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Making the Transition to New ICS-ACI Systems

Your questions answered

ICS is decommissioning our “Legacy” systems (Lion-XF, Lion-XG, Lion-XV, Lion-LSP, Lion-GA, Hammer, and BioSTAR). We’ve put together these resources to help you prepare for the transition onto the new ICS-ACI systems.

 Transition Intake Form

To ensure your smooth transition to the new ICS-ACI systems, we need some information on how you currently use the Legacy systems. Please fill out this INTAKE FORM so we can assist you effectively.

Intake forms are also available as a PDF document. Please send your form to ICS at your earliest convenience. You can

  • Scan the document and email to Robie Aikens at cra5108@psu.edu; or
  • Print and mail to the following address: Robie Aikens, 224B Computer Building, University Park, PA 16802

Transition FAQ

Q: Why is the Legacy system decommissioning and transition occurring?

A: Decommissioning is needed because the ICS Legacy systems have begun to pose significant problems as they age. We are fast approaching maximum power capacity in the Tower Road Data Center, and because the Legacy systems are less power-efficient than new ICS-ACI systems relative to the compute they provide, they make an outsized contribution to the power limitation problem. They also hamper our ability to meet University-wide energy consumption targets.

The Legacy systems have also become increasingly difficult to maintain. Most of the equipment is well over 5 years old, out of warranty,and becoming unreliable, requiring substantial investments of funds and staff time to keep it functional.

Q: How will the new ACI systems improve my group’s experience using ICS-ACI?

A: Allocations on the new ICS-ACI will have a guaranteed start time (See our GReaT access model): all jobs you submit will begin within one hour. The new systems also offer multiple compute and storage options, plus the ability to divide your compute and storage allocations into multiple sub-allocations.

Q: How can I find out my group’s current compute and storage allocation? What will my allocation be on the new systems?

A: You should have already received an email with this information. If you did not receive this email, or believe you received incorrect information, please contact Derek Leydig (dml129@psu.edu).

Q: My group wants to change our compute and storage allocation on the new ACI systems. What should we do?

A: Please contact Derek Leydig at dml129@psu.edu.

Q: When will my group be moved from the Legacy systems to the new ICS-ACI systems?

A: Contact Robie Aikens at cra5108@psu.edu for the latest information on the transition schedule.

Q: How will my group be guided through the transition?

A: ICS-ACI staff and graduate assistants (GAs) will assist you with your transition. One GA will be designated as your liaison and will contact you to guide you through the process.

Q: What assistance should I expect to receive from my liaison?

A: Your liaison can assist you with:

  • Getting your ICS-ACI allocation up and running
  • Transitioning any group storage files
  • Setting up accounts for you and your group members
  • Installing any software necessary in your group folder
  • Performing initial testing of your codes, and
  • Providing support for issues until you are fully transitioned to ICS-ACI
Q: What happens during the interim period when both Legacy and ICS-ACI systems are accessible?

A: You will have access to both systems, and there will be no change to your Legacy systems. Please note that we will move group storage files only once. If you decide to continue using the Legacy systems after that move, you or your group will be responsible for transitioning any additional files placed in your Legacy group storage.

Q: Which data and directories will be migrated from the Legacy systems, and who will perform this action?

A: ICS will transfer the PI's Group storage directory to ICS-ACI using the rsync tool. Users are responsible for transferring any Home, Work, and Scratch files that you wish to keep. ICS will not transfer files in your Home, Work, or Scratch directories. If you require assistance in transferring files from your Home, Work, or Scratch directory, please submit a ticket to the ICS i-ASK Center.

Q: When will my group’s access to the Legacy systems be shut off, and how will we be notified?

A: Legacy systems BioSTAR and Lion-XF will be shut off on Oct. 31, 2017. Lion-XG, Lion-GA, Anvil, and Hammer will be shut off on Dec. 21, 2017. We will send system-specific notifications leading up to the system shut-off date and a final confirmation when the system is no longer accessible.

Q: Once my group is working on the new ICS-ACI system, how does a new group member request account access ?

A: Please see https://ics.psu.edu/advanced-cyberinfrastructure/accounts/ for more details on requesting an ICS-ACI account.

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