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Anvil Transition Information

To transition Anvil users to the new ICS-ACI system, ICS has created a migration plan. Read on for details about the plan, information about the transition process, and key dates.

Migration Plan

  • Anvil will be shut off on December 21, 2017.
  • Anvil users can transition to the ICS-ACI Open Queue.
    • If the Open Queue will not meet your needs, please contact ICS at aci-info@ics.psu.edu to get more information about obtaining a GReaT allocation.
    • If an Anvil PI had a Group1/2 storage allocation, they will receive a Try-ACI active storage allocation that lasts until October 31, 2018. The size of the new allocation will be equal to the PI’s Group1/2 storage, rounded up to the closest 5 TB block (ICS-ACI storage is allocated in 5 TB blocks).
  • Anvil users are encouraged to sign up for an ACI account to utilize ACI-I (our ICS-ACI interactive compute environment) as soon as possible to ensure continuity in their access.
  • There is currently no Windows environment on ICS-ACI. If you require additional assistance please contact our i-ASK center for additional assistance.

Transition Process Steps

1. Request and Activate Accounts: Anvil users will need to request user accounts on ICS-ACI; ICS will process the requests and activate the accounts.

2. Onboard to ICS-ACI: Please consult the following resources as you onboard to ICS-ACI:

3. Transfer Storage: Anvil users are responsible for transferring their data from Anvil to ICS-ACI. Please submit a ticket to the ICS i-ASK Center if you require assistance.

4. System Shut-off: Access to the Anvil system will be shutoff on December 21, 2017.


If you have any questions regarding the transition, please contact Derek Leydig.

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