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Slim Access Accounts

Slim Access Account Request

If you are an external collaborator of a Penn State researcher and have not received a PSU Slim access account, please proceed to the steps below. Once you have a Slim account (and a valid Penn State user ID), complete the steps on the ICS Account Request page.

Complete the form below to request your Slim access account. We use this information only for the creation of your Slim access account. For more on Penn State’s privacy policies, see http://www.psu.edu/web-privacy-statement.

ICS will first pass the relevant information on to HR, who will assign a PSU ID number to you. Once this number has been generated, your credentials will be passed to Identity Services, who will create your SLIM account. Once you have a SLIM account and can access PSU resources, you may sign up for an ICS account to access the clusters. You can contact the Accounts department of Identity Services using their email address, identity@psu.edu, or their phone number (814-865-4772) to inquire about the SLIM account processing.

Once you complete the form, you will be contacted with further instructions. You will need to wait for your Slim access account to be created before you can proceed to request your ICS account or signing up for two-factor authentication.

If you have any questions or issues, our i-ASK Center staff is available to help you, and you may contact us at (814) 865-4275 or please submit a ticket at our web help desk https://iask.aci.ics.psu.

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