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The ACI-b Open Queue

If you have jobs that are not time-sensitive, consider submitting them to the ACI-b Open Queue instead of the ACI-b Batch Queue.

All you need to access the Open Queue is an ICS account. If you do not have one already, you can request an account at this link.

No Charge to your Allocation for the Open Queue

Jobs submitted to the Open Queue run using idle ICS-ACI computing resources. That means the jobs you submit to this queue do not count against your allocation.

Please note:

  • All users are at an equal priority for Open Queue access
  • Open Queue jobs have no guaranteed completion time
  • Jobs and interactive sessions will start and run only when a sufficient number of idle cores are available
  • Jobs may be suspended or pre-empted if the cores become needed for jobs on other queues

How Much Can I Use the ACI-b Open Queue?

Use of the Open Queue carries the following maximum limitations per user account:

  • 100 jobs pending
  • 20 cores executing jobs at any given time
  • 24-hour job wall-times
  • 24-hour interactive session duration

Learn to Use Open Queue

Learn more about the Open Queue by viewing our recorded Open Queue Boot Camp.

If you have any questions about using the Open Queue or submitting jobs, please contact us at iask@ics.psu.edu.

Penn State Institute for CyberScience

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  • email: ics@psu.edu
  • phone: ICS-ACI Support (i-ASK Center): 814-865-4275 | General Inquiries: 814-867-1467

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